Last night I worked on a book that is probably in as much contention for being published first as the other three, even though the manuscript is not even done. I work on this book when I am trying to inspire myself. Sequence wise, the story is somewhere in the middle of the pack. Series time line wise, the story is at the beginning, middle, and a few alternate endings.

The Lone Horse Incident is the story behind the paradox that drives a chunk of the books in the series. If I were to publish it first, there might not need for  some of the other books as the plot weaves itself around some of the major events in the series. Why am I even considering this option?  Well, like Do You Believe in Legend? (the third book),  TLHI is more polished in writing style, character voice, and storytelling than The Spirit of the Lone Horse and Tiberius, the first and second books.   Spirit and Tiberius need some major work done to them including the renaming of a couple of characters due to the release of other works.  I am even considering renaming Tiberius to something a little different, but  since the book title is also the name of a major horse character that change would have a ripple effect through the series.

The fact that I’m even having this discussion of which book to publish and why is a good sign.  It means that this blog had the intended effect of getting my mind focused back on writing.  Does it mean that I will be a consistent writer from now on?  Hardly.  I’ve gone through spells like this before.  Then something else comes along where writing becomes less of a priority or too painful an endeavor to even consider and I find that another year or two has passed.

Not this time around, if I can help it!