For the last few months, I’ve been doing a lot programming and web design work, so my brain hasn’t been in much of a writing mood.  Programming to me is like speaking French, so switching back and forth in one day between it and writing can be almost impossible.  During this holiday week, I’ve taken a breather.  I’m still programming and doing website stuff, but taking time out for my books.  In fact, I’m up to chapter 23 reading one of them and that is only in 2 or 3 days.  Of course, the first part of this book has been edited so many times, it is easy reading.  Hopefully when I reach the less edited parts, I won’t get frustrated and stop.

I really want to get published. And I”m probably taking a big risk by putting out this book first instead of testing the waters with another book that is still part of the series, but isn’t as close to my heart.  It is risky for several reasons.  One, I’m pulling a George Lucas by doing what would be considered the third book in the series instead of the first.  Two, the book really means a lot to me.  It started off as a fan fiction piece and then when a close friend betrayed me became my healing tool as I transformed into a very big part of my series.  And third, it probably could draw the most criticism and comparison because it’s a novel that spans two centuries and involves time travel.

So why not wait another six months or so and work on another book .  . . Perhaps re-write the first two, test the market and go from there?  That would be the smartest idea.  Thing is I don’t want to go through another cycle of being all energized about my writing, going through a six month dry spell, and then starting that vicious cycle all over again.  That’s how I wasted a lot of time.  And I’m tired of wasting time.

I need to do something this year, preferably in the earlier part, not the latter part.

The title says it all, Do You Believe In Legend? For me that question goes far beyond the book, but into myself, my life, and my writing.  By doing this one first, I can finally answer that question, and prove to myself that yes, I still do, and always have, believed in my destiny as a writer.  So what happens if the book falls flat on its face?  Well, at least I will have tried and given the audience my best shot.