Two interesting things happened this weekend. A power failure and Chinese food.

The first was unexpected. It took place during the middle of the night and lasted four hours. We usually don’t lose power unless we haveĀ at least 50 to 60 MPH wind gusts or extreme amounts of precipitation. Accidents and equipment failures play their part as well, but maybe half a dozen times in fifteen years.

Power failures during the day I can handle. May have to treat a light as a four way stop and not go to the store, but no big deal. Great vacation from the computer actually. At night, it’s a little different, even from walking or camping. I get this really creepy feeling. It’s like the lights and electronics of our modern day world create a protective barrier. Once they are ripped away, what protects us? This question led to a brand new story idea called Guardians of the Storm.

Chinese food was a planned get together. Food was good at usual and great conversation with friends and family. Then the fortune cookies came around. I opened mine and found something a little profound

Look for the dream that keeps coming back. It is your destiny.

The dream that keeps coming back

I’ve had many dreams in my life. Graduating from college, making a million bucks before I was thirty, owning a Trans Am, and other little things. Some I’ve done, some haven’t happened, and others had modified realities. I owned a Grand Am, not a Trans Am. It was just as sporty and fun to drive, so I can’t complain.

There is only one dream that keeps coming back, my writing. False starts, mistakes, struggles, doubts, criticisms, questions… My words have survived all of that and much more. I’ve longed considered it my destiny. Maybe the universe is finally listening.