After several weeks of a programming binge that left my brain mush by the end of the day, I sat down tonight and finished editing Legend for what should be the final time.  So what’s next?  Well, I need to let it stew  for a few days and then seriously consider all my publishing options.  I defintely know that I want to have my own ISBN’s, but I’m not sure I want to pay the 250 dollars necessary for a block of ten of them.  I’ll need at least two, three if I did to do ebook, hardback, and softpack, and at 125 a pop, it’s just easier to get the ten.  Once I look at all the options, then I have to work on the cover. After that it will be one more quick read through, format according to publishing specifications,  and then, after 25 years of waiting, I can finally do something about becoming a published author.

I’m excited at the wonderful, but hard, journey that has just started.