In 1986, when the saga of the whole Stars of Heros series began, I was a college student with two desires related to writing. One I wanted to fulfill a promise to a friend in Cyprus where I wouldn’t crumple up anything I started and not stop until I had something published. The other, I wanted a good horse story. I didn’t plan on writing a series. Just that one book.

Flash forward to now. I just completed the one chapter of Spirit’s rewrite that captures the event in my life that triggered the whole premises of the story.  Growing up, I had a pony named JP. He was a Welsh-Morgan black and white pinto that I named after the historical figure of JP Morgan. He actually fit his nickname of Jigsaw Puzzle better. Some days, he was sweet and nice angel who would do anything I wanted. Others days, he was mischievous devil who spooked at the littlest thing. I fell off him so many times that I ended up not wanting to go above a trot for five years.

When I started writing Spirit, I thought to myself, “Okay, writing about someone just falling off a horse and not wanting to trot for five years is going to be so boring. What if . . .” And the whole idea of my main character being attacked and almost killed by a horse then conquering her fear to compete in a prodigious competition was born.

When I originally wrote Spirit, it was a jumbled mess of me yelling at the world because of things were happening in my life and unrealistic drama of bites and pieces of a miracle of my main character complete her life long goal despite being attacked by another person. In the re-write, the pace and depth of the story has changed tremendously while still keeping true to the more realistic original ideas and events. So much has changed that I almost wish I could go back in time and prevent myself from submitting the original story a few times. What an egotistical, dumb ass I was back then!

Chapter 9 has given me a lot to think about. Chapter 10 I know is going to be a reflection on the ride. I’m just not sure if it means my main character puts her dream on hold for a year or not. I’m going to have to let my characters sort that part out. Chapters 11 and 12 are pretty much written and waiting to be finished based on the decision in Chapter 10. Chapter 11, especially since it contains a lot of the original story stuff just re-written to make more sense. After that, I have a lot of more pieces to put together between the old and new stuff.

I’m still pretty certain that the book will be complete by the end of the year.  Come join my continuing adventure on publishing as you write on Leanpub!