Well, I finished the quick read through of Do You Believe in Legend?.  I’ve done with most of my non-grammatical edits up  to Chapter 36 and did a quick read of the book beyond that.  I’m probably going to start re-reading about Chapter 32 and editing from there. I don’t have a final chapter count yet as I expect some of the latter chapters are going to get consolidated.

I know that double-digit chapters getting into the 30’s and 40’s is a lot, but most of them are short, only 2 or 3 pages.  Thing is with this book is that I’m dealing with time passing in two different centuries, so if it doesn’t happen in the same day in the same century in the same relative place, then it’s a new chapter.  This book is also a little more complex because the centuries intermingle with each other.  In fact, I had one of the main characters complain about it in one of two prologues.  Yes, there is even two epilogues in the book.  The book has two prologues and epilogues because there is a story told within a story.

Traditionally, the two centuries should have been completely separated into their own section. So why take a risk and intersperse them?  Well, I wanted to have fun with the reader and as the character who wrote the story within the story lamented, there was stuff going on in one century that seemed to counter balance what was happening in the other century.  I didn’t want to have the reader forced to bounce between the two sections while keeping track of where they were in both  sections when all they had to do was turn a few pages.