I know it’s been another lengthy time away from this place. Unlike other times, though, I haven’t completely forgot about my writing. I’ve just been going through my usual struggle of balancing work with writing. Though I definitely have been giving more time to writing, instead of ignoring completely like I usually do when I’m having one of my time crunch moments.

Two things happened to me that shot my confidence about my writing through the roof. I entered a forum contest on the GoodReads website with something that I dumped out of my head and wrote / edited in about 2 hours. I liked it and felt that it was pretty adequate against the other stuff that was posted. Turns the person judging the contest liked the story so much they gave me first place.

I showed the story to my friend, who called it “very, very good and very moving and transparent.” She also said I needed an editor because of the typos. Given the fact that I had written it in a short span of time, I wasn’t too worried. I decided to take a chance and show her what I’ve been working on for quite a while now.

About the two prologues of Legend she said:

Wow, well both prologues are true to your form in the short story. You get emotional content across really well, and mood and descriptions really well too. I felt like you were in space talking to an avatar version of my husband in the 26th century start..LOL…. I got the concepts easily (even though I abhor time travel….even Ann MacCaffrey had Lessa avoiding running into herself), and was sucked into the story quickly. I am one of those readers that if you havent got me in three pages or so, I put down the book.

Now, this was very important to me. I had been one of my moods where I was by books and trying to go by the new set of rules that I discovered in them. Talk about taking something out of my own book:

“Formulas, derivatives, processes, and equations, Betomar?” Randy swallowed his laughter, but didn’t suppress the wide grin that exploded across his face. “You make this sound like some sort of math problem,” he quipped. “Creative writing is far from that, my friend. If there was any sort of science behind the inspiration, my story would be as dry as some of those technical manuals that you so enjoy.”

My friend’s review stopped me from getting too deep into that kind of massive editing. I was very glad for this intervention because I would have probably wasted a hell of a lot more time and turned the book into that dry manual that my character so eloquently hinted at. Oh, yeah, I’ve tweaked Legend based on what I’ve read and what me and my friend have discussed about my books. In fact, I just re-worked a piece last night that made my heart sing.

The books I’ve bought, and will continue to buy when I have money, will help me in my writing and re-writing of the other stories, so they won’t be wasted. Advice and learning new things is always good, the extent to which you apply that new knowledge is what can get you in trouble.

I’m almost finished with my last round of editing then I’m going to dump Legend on my friend and her family and let them rip the manuscript apart. I have a feeling the story will stand that acid test. And no, not because I think my friend will be gentle with me. She will read from a reader’s point of view and her husband will read it from a technical writer’s point of view. Hopefully, there won’t be too many changes. Then I can actually work on getting the story out there, like it should have been out there, a long time ago.