ADreamToShareI know it’s only been four days for going from brain dump to starting the first draft of A Dream to Share. I expected that given ADTS is one of the older, more developed ideas.  It has files on my current hard drive that date back to 2002, but I have older versions on other disks.

The original format of the book consisted of a current story narrated by Jo and then various memories written by the Mason Seven team members.  Some of those memories made it as actual events in other books while the rest are hanging around in my ever growing snippet and old versions stockpiles.  This version is going to be a single twenty-first century timeline with narration switching between Jo’s first person present and others’ third person past.  The only twenty-sixth century character to appear will be T’Beras because of his connection with Jo. Others will be mentioned in passing.

The plotting I did over the last few days gave me a general sense of everything I wanted to cover that I hadn’t already written out. There are currently twenty-nine outlined ideas. I expect as I update things, more will develop. The cover is a generic one of now, just so I don’t have to stare at a blank book. I’m aiming for around seventy-five thousand words, but will be happy with anything over fifty thousand. This is one story in the series that won’t be a novella. A few of the twenty-five books I have planned might be, but I’m not sure yet.

First thing I’m going to do is rewrite the existing material in Scrivener by either changing the point of view, updating the characters, or removing irrelevant stuff. Then I’m going to go back and flesh out the skeleton, getting my ideas down in any way I can. Since this is the first draft, it’s probably going to be a lot more tell than show. Progress is going to be sporadic because of finalizing Legend and getting it out the door.  I do, however, expect to release the book sometime in 2017. Earlier the better because I want to start releasing two books a year, if I can.