This last six weeks has been a mixture of emotions and projects pulling me in multiple directions. First of Spirit is back at the publisher after surviving 3 intense rounds of reviewing and editing by me. The book gained several chapters and 9,587 words, so it now totals 109,130. There are some chapters that are around 1,000 to 1,100 words, which is nowhere near the others that are 1,700 to over 2,500. I could have tried and added more content to the lower word count chapters, but I felt that all I would be doing is padding and reducing the value of what I wrote. In fact, when I sent the book back last Thursday, I told the acquisitions editor that I was no longer good for my own book until they need me for the next phase, whenever that might be. At least I knew when to stop instead of chasing my own tail until I drove myself crazy or made some stupid mistake that ruined Spirit.

The book is now in the copy edit phase. This means the manuscript is beyond checking for holes in the plot and lack of character development. Reading up on the subject, I’m finding that this phase is more about facts, flow, and consistency to make sure that everything meshes together into something cohesive. I left little comments in the margins for the editors where I thought there might need to be some serious double checking. I’m a little more calm about this phase than the first one for a few of reasons. I have other things I need to work on, the story is what it is and I have a pretty good idea of the foundation that I’ve laid for the series, and it’s already been recognized as a viable idea with believable characters.

The projects that I’ve been working are split between web design and development and editing for other authors. I’m liking the latter more than the former, and wishing I could make the transition to that being my full time job a little quicker. One of the websites that I’ve been working on is the Stars of the Heros one. In fact, I just tied to the domain to the website tonight. It’s only a coming soon page for now, but at least having that up and visible to the rest of the world brings the reality of the dream one step closer.