Guardians of the Storm has moved into production. I didn’t mean for it to, but that seems to be the story of my life when it comes to my books. They tell me when they want to be written. That’s what got me into trouble with the novel order and number in Stars of Heros.  For now GOTS seems happy with one. Though I have yet another MC / narrator who wants to be written in first person present, just like Mel and Jo before him.

Polar Opposites

Max, Mel, and Jo do not sound the same in my head. Max is an empath, so he is more in touch with his feelings than either Mel or Jo. He describes them as objects or sensations. Mel comes in second in this department as she is a teenager and just reacts to them. Jo is intense, but sort of distant from hers and doesn’t express them as well as the other two.

Career plays a factor. Mel’s a high school student so that means home life and wandering the halls dealing with her fellow students. Jo is a captain in a military organization, which is all about rules, regs, and procedures. I haven’t exactly decided what Max does yet. Given his abilities, he needs isolation, so I might make him a web developer or writer.  Perhaps both.

The location, dimensions, and centuries the characters live in affects their perspective. Jo is from LA, Max resides in the Puget Sound, and Mel real doesn’t have a city attached to her. She could be anywhere. Her world is will eventually shift to the fantasy plane of books, once she realizes she can enter them. Jo is big city all the time, even in the LA foothills. Though she does travel to different places as her series evolves including out into deep space and the future. Max has a choice of when he leaves his island and goes into town. As his story progress, he will deal with interdimensional spaces and one hidden location.

Relationships also play a big factor in their attitudes. Mel is tied to family. Max is more of a loner. Jo is a combination. She has family, but has also been isolated from them.

Choice of Gender

Jo and Mel as females was an automatic decision since they reflect various aspects of my life. Max wasn’t much of a surprise. I wanted a male character because of the stigma that remains about men having emotions.

I’m not worried about writing any inaccuracies in his behavior. First, I tend to be gender neutral in my writing because to me it’s no big deal. I believe that gender doesn’t define capability; knowledge, skills, and experience do. Second, I know a couple of guys who can correct me if they see grave errors in Max’s behavior.

I also wanted to experiment with writing a male character as the lead.

The fun factor is back

I’m not even thinking when I’m writing Max’s story. I’ve been working on it since November 19th and it already has over 1,000 words. Every time I sit down with it I come up with something. It’s like the freedom of imagination from my first days of writing has combined with the experience I’ve gained over the years.

It helps that I don’t have to worry about structure with Max. Unlike Mel who is controlled by parents, teachers, and her high school class schedule or Jo who is much more formalized because of her military training, Max is a free spirit. As long as I get the locations he is in right, he can pretty much do what he wants.