Spirit's book cover

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I won’t be able to answer the big ones like “What is the meaning of life?” or “Why is the world so screwed up?” I’m still trying to figure those out. I’m looking for questions about Spirit, the Stars of Heros series, and who I am as a writer. I want to answer them because it’s one the many ways to generate a lot of buzz and interest for my series. I have some pretty big dreams, including making at least one movie based on my books, and I know they aren’t going to happen without having a built-in audience.

Leave your ponderings and inquires in the comments or use the Contact Form.  I will try and acknowledge them all, but be warned that if they are really off the wall or an obvious piece of spam, I might not answer. Also, I’m going to be very vague about specific details in the books. I have to be, else what’s the use in publishing them? Of course, I know there aren’t going to be many until Spirit is released to the world, but all good community building has to start somewhere.

So let’s start with a very obvious question.

Why a horse story?

That’s assuming that Spirit is a horse story. 🙂 Ok, so by the title, the picture of a horse on the cover, and a major plot line or two involving horses, I guess you could call it a horse story. I don’t want to pigeon-hole it in that genre, though, because, like me, the book doesn’t fit nicely into one box full of assumptions. Besides the type of tale doesn’t matter as long as the story and characters are solid. I believe Spirit has both and a lot more to offer.

I am an animal lover who grew up reading Black Beauty and The Black Stallion.  In fact, one of my favorite movies of all times is The Black Stallion. On and off during my life, I’ve had at least a horse or a dog around me. The times I couldn’t, I lived through, but felt incomplete. There is just something about having a companion who judges you with their heart and says the right things without saying anything. It doesn’t matter that animals can’t speak in words, their body language, actions, and reactions whisper volumes.

When I started writing, I wanted to re-create and capture the feelings I had when reading other horse books or sharing my time with a horse. At first, I thought, “Okay, I do a simple story about my experience with horses” and leave it at that. As me and my writing have matured, I came to realize that doing a simple horse story wasn’t going to fly unless it ended up in young adult genre, which is not where I wanted to be. I also wanted to avoid the Amazon complaints of flat, boring, and predictable, so I added a few layers and twists. These have developed the story into a character driven and testing adventure that should appeal to a vast audience for various reasons.