When I first started the rewrite of Spirit and got a lot of positive feedback at Scrib, I thought about doing it as a serial on Amazon. But then I realized that wouldn’t work. I’d be submitting so many changes that people would constantly receiving updates. Also, I feared the negative reviews. Not that negative on Amazon are all that bad. When I’m looking at the free books, I read through them to decide if I actually want the book. Also, they are a great teaching tool of what not to do in my own writing.

LeanPub has given me the best of both words. The work is out there in the public just waiting for reviews, but people know that until it’s marked as done, it’s not done. That way, I take my time and produce the product I want, satisfy most of the faults the readers might find in my writing, and possibly earn a little money for doing it. Not that this has ever been for the money. It more been for the validation and satisfaction of making a lifelong dream come true.