As a writer I’m constantly on the hunt for resources to improve my craft, find reviewers, discover publishing opportunities, and gain inspiration from my fellow indies. If they have a small icon beside them, it means they played an important part in my writing endeavors.

Marketing and Publicity

We all need ways to promote our work, no matter what work that may be.

Ideas & Inspiration

Authors always needs places for research, ideas, and inspiration.  Having multiple sources eliminates bias.

Writing Insight

As I write I learn. My reactions to articles on writing or insights I’ve gained from doing it for as long as I have.

Technology and Tools

The offline and online tools that I use in my writing endeavors plus insight into the effective use of technology by writers from a web developer’s POV,

Book Reviews

As authors we are told we need to read.  Well, I am and I wanted to share my thoughts on a few.