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Crashplan is in the process of saving my ass yet again!

Electronic data (documents, pictures, etc.) stored in on one device is vulnerable to deletion, hardware failure, or other unforeseen circumstance. Make at least one backup of it, preferably in a different location, for peace of mind. Here’s how and why…

Meet the Indies

What happens when a blog tag grows to include posts about 49 different authors and their works? It creates thoughts about building an affiliate website that includes all the authors’ works on Amazon.

Email marketing from a web developer’s POV

Email marketing is a proven way of getting the word out. Done right, it increases sales. Done wrong and its deadlier than a gun to a marketing campaign. Here’s some insight from a developer who’s been around the block with this tool.

Pique: A Free Parallax Theme from Automattic

Parallax and one page websites remain hot trends. They give sites a modern, aesthetic appeal instead of a boxed in look. Pique is a kick-ass Parallax theme by Automattic, the creators of WordPress. With some customizations, it does one hell of a job for a very good price, free.

Come January Look for Extra Warnings from Chrome — Gravis Ludus

It’s been rumored for a while that Chrome would start warning users about sites that weren’t encrypted. Well, now we have an actual launch version. Chrome 56, comes out in January. Starting with this version Chrome will mark sites without a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate as “not secure.” Future plans include adding a red triangle symbol as well.

Creating the perfect distraction-free environment for writing

All the experts say it, “Create a distraction free environment, and you’ll get more writing done.” Since I use my computer for work, entertainment, and writing, distractions are rather plentiful when I’m on the desktop. I finally found the perfect combination of app and tablet to create my distraction environment.

Social Crowdsharing

We’ve all heard of crowdfunding.  Well, Thunderclap has an interesting twist on it called crowdsharing. Instead of supporting people or causes with money, a person is supporting…

Know your hashtags

Hashtags are Twitter’s way of group content. Using them can sometimes be an art form though since they count against your 140 character limit. They…

Welcome back, Scrivener!

For about two weeks now, I’ve been picking at Legend, trying to figure how I felt the book. For so long, it was going to…

Sharing and online reputation

As I get more involved with social media, I’m quickly ranking how I think things will benefit me. How much time and money will they…


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