Writing Insight

Becoming a Plotser

There are two main camps of writing styles, plotting and pantsing. Seems there needs to be a third that combines the best of both worlds. Let’s call it plotsing. Seems, in a weird way, I’ve been doing it for a while now.

How Goins’ 5-draft method probably saved my writing and sanity

Back in July 2016, I thought I had found the perfect method for writing a book.Then I realized it didn’t take into consideration the difference between one paragraph ideas and those that turn into a couple of pages, if not whole chapters. Jeff Goins’ 5-draft method doesn’t compress things and has the flexibility to accommodate existing material. It also has cool words that actually describe how to treat something.

Finding Time By Making Time

Who we spend time on is as precious the seconds that pass through our hands. Who is more precious than oneself? If we don’t invest in our health and well-being the time we invest in other things isn’t going to matter. Feeling like we don’t have enough time for things is a major cause of stress. Here’s a few things I am doing to build my time portfolio.

Why do I continue to write?

Someone asked me this question over New Year’s dinner, questioning the motivation for doing something that wasn’t selling, or making any money. I gave them the simple answers of needing at least two books to start the name-building process and wanting to finish what I started. Here’s the more complicated ones.

The Popcorn Theory of Writing

“You put a lot of popcorn kernels in and you heat it up,” Kevin J. Andrews said in an interview on The Creative Penn, “But you never know at any one time which popcorn kernel is going to pop or which direction it’s going to fly.” For authors, each kernel is a book. Which one is going to pop is the biggest question.


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