I love it when something on Twitter leads to an article that makes me stop and think. In today’s case, it’s about 5 Toxic Beliefs That Ruin Careers. While this is written on a blog called Sales Source, they could apply to any career, including writing.

  1. My self-worth is based on what others think of me. – I have to admit I do struggle with this notion every day. That’s because I was teased a lot as a little kid. Also, I’m very emotionally sensitive to other people, so I tend to want them to have a positive experience around me.
  2. My past equals my future. – I’m definitely getting better with this one. While I know I’ve made mistakes in the past, I try to forgive myself for them and move on. Some are harder than others though. I also have an associative, semi-photographic memory so bad and good memories can be triggered unexpectedly by something that stimulates my five senses. When that happens, I just have to ride it out and work through the issue again.
  3. My destiny is controlled by the supernatural – This one I  struggle with on a daily basis. I’m definitely not a religious person by any means, more of a spiritual one. Yet I have friends who have a very strong faith and belief that God is in control and have the personal experiences to prove it. Others who make the argument that God is man’s creation and there’s not such thing as an after life and we are in complete control of everything that happens to us. God being in control seems to make sense in a lot of things and in other things, it just didn’t seem fair or right and may even be in direct conflict with our free will. Yet, according to an April 2007 CNN article, our brains seemed wired for faith.
  4. My emotions accurately reflect objective reality. – I definitely agree with the statement that “emotions are determined by the perception of those events, combined with preconceptions about what those events mean.” So if anything about my feelings screws up my object reality, it’s the fact that I sometimes feel too much about a situation.
  5. My goal is to be perfect or do something perfectly. – Oh, boy.  This one is a hard one for me. While I”m better at not trying to hard to be perfect, I still do tend to over compensate for stuff. This is because of my daily struggle to be considered “normal” instead of perceived to have some sort of weakness because of a few things, mainly my eyesight. They managed to fix my right eye, so it now sees pretty good. Don’t know what is going to happen with my left and that’s a little worrisome.

So what about the rest of you? Any thoughts on the original article and the beliefs mentioned in it?