I started to write about finding balance in life and writing today and then came across a couple of things on Twitter that just struck me as being very practical and relevant.

Sage advice

lyoho #pubtip: Do not demand feedback from agents/editors who reject you. Positive, professional communication is always the best approach.
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That would seem like common sense. However, with something as emotionally tied to our inner beings as writing, sometimes common sense can go out the window. Being a writer is very difficult in this respect, because we have to put a piece of ourselves into what we do, but at the same time treat what we’ve done as objectively as possible, so we can maximize its potential.

The Motivation to Self-Publish

The No. 1 Most Important Factor for Writers Considering the Self-Pub Option

This article on the There Are No Rules blog asks writers to look at their why they want to self-publish versus going the more traditional route. I’m somewhere between the “self-satisfaction” goal and “prove people wrong” one.  It been so long since I started this journey that I just want the self-satisfaction of completing it.  However, I do want to make money at the same time.

As a business owner, I know the hard work that is going to have to go into the independent route. My biggest concern is dealing with people. As a web designer, I have to deal with clients who demand my services. As a writer, I’m going to have to convince people why they should buy my book. In reality, I’ve always preferred doing customer service over sales. Not that it’s going to be much different if I were to go the traditional route since I would still have to convince people to buy my book.  However, once the manuscript was “bought” I would have the support in marketing, the professional services of editors and graphics designers,  and the brand recognition of a known publisher. I also wouldn’t have that much control.

There are pros and cons to both the independent self-published route and the more traditional one. Best thing I can do for now is follow my own advice and be objective about my writing. I need to come up with a plan.  And the first step in that plan is figuring out what book and what method.