For the longest time, I didn’t want to use Jetpack on my site because of the rumored, and experienced, bloat and incompatibilities. I decided to give it a shot with Stars of Heros because I wanted the publize, sharing, related posts, likes, enhanced distribution, and widget visibility functionality without the need for separate plugins. Well, I found a neat little trick I can do with the Reader functionality on this blog. I can reblog on SOH from my list of monitored sites. What would be nice is if I could somehow categorize the blogs I watch on Reader. Right now I have 118 and it’s a pain to click on individual ones to find something I’m in the mood to talk about.

That’s where comes in. Not only do I get to store my favorite blogs and feeds there in categories, I can find site collections and recommendations by other people.  Unless you pay for it, there is no integration for posting articles from Feedly to WordPress. However, WordPress comes with the Press This under Tools->Available Tools, which if added to a browser’s toolbar makes sharing the original article found on Feedly pretty easy.

What if you come across something you want to write about, but are uncertain if you want to make a blog post out of it just yet? Pocket ( is the answer.  The site has a Chrome extension and bookmarklet for other browsers so you can save webpages that you come across. It also has a recommended articles tabs, just in case you are at a loss for ideas.

What tools do you use to inspire the ideas for your blog posts?  Leave your recommendations in the comments.