What happens when a blog tag grows to include posts about 49 different authors and their works?  It creates thoughts about building an affiliate website that includes all the authors’ works on Amazon.

I’ve been working on Meet the Indies on and off since July 2016. Like most of my personal websites, it often takes a backseat to other paying projects.  Well, right before Cycon I felt I needed to refresh the look of this site.  Meet the Indies actually needed the update worse. It looked too much like a blog for my liking.

Getting all the books in is a huge undertaking that I’m still working on. Not sure how long it will take me, even with the plugin I’m using to import and organize the books. MyBookTable by Author Media is the same one that was used on the Cycon site to promote the books by various authors participating in the convention. I’ve also worked with it on my book related sites.

Author Pages

I found out something really cool about the plugin tonight, each author can have a full blown author page.

The plugin uses the tag system of WordPress for Author, Series, Genre, and Tags. It modifies this so that an image can be added. Normally that would take an additional plugin.  Well, between the description and picture, I created the above page. If I hadn’t added those items, it would have just shown the books by the author.

Discovering this feature has added a little more work to my book import because I now need to do it for all 49 authors that appear in this blog.  Given that the series, genres, and tags have the same capabilities, I’m assuming I can do the same thing with them as well. Not that I’m going to attempt that at this point.

The thing about the 49 authors is some of them have written books with other authors. Those authors will appear on the author list page, but won’t have a cool author page. At least not until they contact me to be hosted here for a standard Meet A Writer post.

A few modifications

After asking for help from Author Media, I was given the code to modify the series title, so it didn’t link on the sites where I was the only writer with only one series. Well, I took that knowledge and expanded it to a few other places on MTI:

  • Breadcrumbs – Breadcrumbs don’t appear on the front page because they don’t need to. They include their groupings on genres, authors, and other similar pages instead of just going back to the books page. Finally, on a book page, they include the author, so it’s easy to access the rest of the books by that person.
  • Multiple Authors – If a book has multiple authors, the author breadcrumb on the book page will be a plain text that says “Multiple Authors.” Also the “About the Author” section disappears.
  • Archive Titles – No longer includes the type of archive, just the title.
  • Tags – Tags are gone from the book pages since they are only used for putting books on the front page.

Open invitation

Are you an indie author who is looking for a place to promote your books? Fill out the form on MTI and you’ll get a blog posting here and a place on MTI.  The only caveat is that I make my money through the affiliate link to Amazon, so books have to be published there.