My mantra used to be “When life comes full circle, the Legend will become reality.” Well, in a way, life has come full circle. Back in June 2012, I went looking for a piece of software to help me organize my writing and my ideas. After some trial and error, I adopted and fell in love with Scrivener. One program I tried out before Scrivener was called PageFour. Well, the makers of PageFour have come out with something called Judoom. Judoom is actually the software I was looking for when I started my hunt. It’s a tabbed word processor that reads Word docs and has a side window that interacts with the file system. Sorry non-Windows users, it’s only a Windows program.

I haven’t abandoned Scrivener completely. I love how easy I can organize things, even when all I’m really do is plopping ideas down in vague locations. The search and replace across multiple books is invaluable. It allows the ideas to flow when I need them to flow.

Except I’m no longer in the idea flowing stage with Spirit.  The book is pretty much organized with a prologue, epilogue, and 51 planned chapters. It has become the tone and canon for the rest of the series.  Some hardcore writing needs to happen on it in the next three months, so I can meet deadline. This means I’m going to be working on the book with both my tablet and desktop. Keeping the files in sync and version controlled, though, is a pain in the butt with Scrivener, at least on the PC version, which doesn’t have the file sync feature that it so badly needs.  If I want titles that make any sort of sense to me, I have to export what I’m working on. With Judoom, I don’t since I”m working directly on the file. That’s why, for the final phase of Spirit, I’ve made the switch. Once, I’m done I’ll re-import Spirit back into Scrivener and move on to the next book.