Okay, I’m going to date myself, like I have in the past, but I’m probably one of the first Internet pioneers. No, I didn’t invent anything on the ‘Net, except maybe a few websites and blogs, but I used the beast when it was nothing more than text with no graphics and Gopher, not Google was the search engine of choice. In fact, I found the Social Security Administration website, three days after it opened.

That was back in the late 80’s.  Things have changed a lot since then. Heck they seem to be changing way too rapidly for me in some respects. Social media, especially. I knew about all the big players, but now I’m discovering others like Empire Avenue and Scoop It.

I found Empire Avenue from a friend’s tweet that lead to an article entitled 5 Creative Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog Posts. I haven’t quite figured out all the potential yet. So far, I’ve learned that it’s a great resource for making connections in social networking, you only have to read some of the profiles to see that.  It’s also a fun way of learning social networking through their social stocks program where you become more valuable the more you use your existing social networking accounts.  I’ll have to write a little more in detail about it when I understand it more.

Scoop.it on the other hand, is real easy. It’s a variation of things like Digg, Pintrest, and Stumble Upon. You create topic and then start scooping articles to that topic through their toolbar scriplet.  I just did a side by side comparison of trying to add  the 5 Creative Ways article to Scoop vs Pintrest and Scoop won hands down because not only did it bring in a picture and some of the content, it did it with less steps. I’ve create a Scoop on Writing and Publishing, which will probably replace the Interesting Topics category because it’s more visual.

Social media is quickly becoming my 3rd job!  🙂