We’ve all heard of crowdfunding.  Well, Thunderclap has an interesting twist on it called crowdsharing. Instead of supporting people or causes with money, a person is supporting them with the reach of their social network. The allowed platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Unlike its money-based counter part, individuals and organizations aren’t required to set up gifts for various donation levels. Instead there are 4 different plans (ranging from free to $500 per campaign) that grants the various perks like a flexible end date, expedited 24 hour approval, a guarantee that the messages will go out even if the supporter goal isn’t met, embeddable video, the ability to post updates, analytics, and having access to the list of supporters. Given my shoestring marketing budget I opted for the free plan. That only gives me unlimited supporters and an embeddable widget to promote the campaign.

Each campaign has its own page which shows the banner that will be used on Facebook  and Tumblr as well as the message that will go out on all three social networks.  The page also include the story behind the campaign and individual/organization as well as a list of the most recent and top supporters.

My campaign, entitled Feel the Spirit, Share the Love, is asking for reviews of Spirit. According to the site, as a free user, I’m supposed to wait 2 or 3 days for approval, but mine is already active. You can see it in action here.