I’m now officially writing two blogs. This one, which will still remain technology and writing-focused and the one I’m writing on my Stars of Heros website, which focuses on the series and my thoughts about it. Technically, I’ve been writing both since I started this blog, I’ve just now made the split and distinction.

I did this because of a valuable lesson I learned this week that has to do with marketing and something I should know as a web developer. It’s all about the target audience. My series site is more about the series and is meant to focus on the reader. This blog has always been about me as a writer and what I’ve learned about writing for writers. The line gets a blurry between the two a lot of the time because most writers are readers while most readers are not writers.

Both blogs will post in the same place except for Google+.  Since I need original content for the Stars of Heros page, all posts from the SOH site will go there. Also, thanks to IFTT, the site will post to Pintrest.  When IFTT supports multiple WordPress blogs, I’ll make sure this one gets that functionality.

Besides the split, the SOH menu item now leads to the site. The SOH posts that were here are still here, but there are also on the website.

The website has had a few changes as well.  There is now an about the series page and the novel menu item is now renamed books. There were also a few format changes.  As the blog on the site develops, I’ll probably add a few menu items covering the worlds, characters, and my writing progress.