Today is a day of great joy and slight disappointment.

The disappointment is that due to  some scheduling/attendance conflicts, we are bumping up the Spirit‘s celebration on Facebook until August 2nd at 6:30 CDT.  While I am slightly bummed, I’m also kind of relieved. I have a bunch of computer work to do so the extra free hours will help. It’s going to be hard containing my excitement about Legend‘s cover though!  So please do attend next week.

Now for the joy . . .

The Stars of Heros website is no longer a coming soon page. It’s an actual website. Right now, it has the basics you can find in other places. Over the next weeks and months, I will be adding others stuff including interviews with my main characters.  I’ll still be blogging here because of the wonderful audience that I’ve built up.

Oh and one more thing . . . The Brain to Books blog tour started yesterday and I’m slotted to make an appearance (link won’t be live until my day).  Yes, there is a giveaway involved in that.