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As the sister of the Kjallan emperor, Celeste cannot choose where to bestow her heart…. The imperial princess has been offered in marriage to the Prince of Inya as part of an alliance needed to e…

I love the first point . . . “That Genre Doesn’t Exist? Write It Anyway.” People are always asking me what my series is about, I start off by saying, “Well, it’s science fiction that involves horses, heroes, and family.” Horses are found in Westerns and Fantasy, not usually Sci-Fi unless they are supposed to be some supposedly genetic altered beast or some sort of mount. In my books, my horses are characters along the lines of Black Beauty. No, you don’t hear the thoughts of all of them, just the psychic ones or, in one case, when one of the psychic ones is helping a normal horse to speak to it’s owner. Still, they don’t need any words for the personality to come across.

The nerdy heroine and nice guys comments  ring true with me as well. My lead character is a woman. Not so much of a nerd, but not a perfect beauty either. She’s got smarts, has emotional flaws, and yet still manages to be a pretty good leader. Her brothers play second fiddle to her and don’t mind.

The “You can divert lava flow” topic reminds us all that as long as there is proof out there, you can make what seems impossible happen in your books or explain why it can’t. For Spirit, I actually asked a network engineer friend of mine, why cell phones can’t be relayed through satellites. I couldn’t find any proof that they couldn’t be, but I had a feeling that they couldn’t. And it turns out I was right. The electronic footprint (or bandwidth) is just too big.

The deadline part I’m struggling with right at the moment. It just seemed like yesterday when I had months to go. Now I have 11 days and counting before I turn my manuscript into the publisher.

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