Do you know how many people have told me my writing was no good? Not even one person! Do you know how many times my brain has told me that? Pretty much every day. We truly are our own worst enemy, and that’s what stops us more often than not.
via Surviving Art: It’s Harder than You Think! — Andy Peloquin

I’m with Andy, I have to fight my brain every day. It tells me I should concentrate on making money, forget about writing. It’ll say that writing is nothing but a waste of time. To that, I saw oh contre. It’s helped me express myself in time of great grief and tragedy, it’s given me the ability to vent when I couldn’t yet. It’s let me be me to complete strangers when personal interaction gives me trouble cause I’m worried about how they are judging me.

I also challenge myself and my doubts by asking myself, “If I wasn’t meant to be a writer, then why was I given such a large vision as Stars of Heros?” My brain hmms and haws at the one. It has yet to give me a good answer. Sure it’ll push back, and then I’ll counter by working on the website. Tougher days requiring staring at the website, reaching out to friends and fellow indies, or reading something I’ve written. In each case, I see the hope, faith, and passion that I invested in my effort and I grasp at it, seeking the spark to re-ignite me.

Winning the battle of being an independent author isn’t easy. Not only does an author have to write their stories, they have to maintain a presence on the ‘Net. The sheer number of new books released every year make discoverability an endless fight, even with pumping out content to keep up relevancy.

Sometimes people do have to back off and forget their dream, for whatever reason. Before one does, they must be true to themselves and their heart. It needs to be a well-thought out decision that considers present circumstance, but also future regrets. I, for one, am still going, even though there have many days I’ve wanted to quit, because I don’t want to wake up one day asking “What if?”