I got inspired by an interview of Kevin J. Andrews.  In the post on The Creative Penn, he talks about the popcorn theory of writing. “You put a lot of popcorn kernels in and you heat it up,” he says, “But you never know at any one time which popcorn kernel is going to pop or which direction it’s going to fly.” For authors, each kernel is a book. Which one is going to pop is the biggest question.

For the longest time I’ve concentrated of Stars of Heros, and my primary focus will always be that since I have so much time invested in it. However, I’ve decided to branch out and build upon other ideas that I’ve jotted down in my spare time. Who knows? Maybe one of them will stick and launch the rest. They are:

  • Not So Perfect World – A perfect world where thoughts create a filtered reality (positive thought allowed, negative ones reformed). People can talk to animals and live with them as companions. Inspiration and imagination are both dead and alive. Then a flaw is triggered in the master program (think Heartbleed on a much larger scale). People must relearn even the most basic skills, including dealing with the animals without being able to understand them.
  • The Fantasy Reject Society –  Mel is a human girl who gets lost in fantasy stories because it’s her only refuge from the bullies at school. She meets not so perfect fantasy characters in the books she reads. At first, they are just imaginary people to her, but then slowly she discovers her hidden talent of being able to live and interact with their world. It really freaks her out when somehow she brings them back to hers.
  • Lost Souls – This has nothing to do with vampires, shapeshifters, or anything I reference in SOH. Instead it’s the adventures of two beings, energy and matter.  One can’t exist without the other, but losses are suffered on both sides when they join. They are immortal, but, at times, finite. The least developed of the ideas, it’s also the most philosophical.
  • As Time Slips By – The unnamed main character loses track of time. Not intentionally or through some sleep disorder. They get involved in something and hours pass or they day dream and find themselves transported to another world. At first they dismiss this as fantasy, but soon discover the worlds are real and they are there for a reason.
  • Time’s Puzzle – For now this is going to remain part of the SOH universe. Besides having the tech and characters for it, the “What if?” concept of the series wraps itself nicely around the alternate reality premise of the idea.

I’m not going to go hog wild and create yet another blog or website for every book. Nor am I going to let every book turn into a series. Trilogy, maybe, not series. Three blogs and one series is enough for now, thank you very much. I am going to create a single website that will track all my writing endeavors. Wish I could do it here, but I have a couple plugins in mind that will help keep everything straight. Lonehorseend.com is going to be repurposed for the job. It’s always been my creative website, so why not use it as such?

Why am I doing this? Well, as I said in many other posts, I can’t support myself as a computer jockey forever. I need to embrace and expand my creative side, fully committing to my writing in the process. In doing so, I’ll find that one golden kernel I’m searching for.